Mid-Day Mayhem Tour

The guided tour at SJ Studios offers visitors an experience of a lifetime. SJ Studios houses state of the art sets for film production and is booked 365 days of the year for film and TV shoots. It’s is a great chance for you to witness a live shoot in progress, just keep your voice down unless you want to contribute to the dialogue. Kick start your Mumbai tour with a trip to SJ Studios, it’s truly unforgettable! GUIDED TOUR PACKAGES.

SJ Studios offers pick and drop facility for all of its guided tours.
Mid-day Mayhem: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM


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LIVE SHOOTS                                                                                        

Your favourite Bollywood sequences come to life right before your eyes at SJ Studios. Watch the hero jump through a wall of fire or watch the heroine get tormented by the evil villain.

Watch a song and dance number or if you’re lucky, even an item number. SJ Studios is all about films and fun, it’s all about Bollywood. 

Understand the history and evolution of Bollywood and get a proper perspective into the evolution of Bollywood from the days of black and white cinema to the current days of high flying digital and special effects.


Experience the glitz and energy of Bollywood style dancing at our specially choreographed performance for our visitors. Foot tapping classic numbers and contemporary hits, item numbers and love songs, everything on offer will get you grooving, Bollywood Style!


Enjoy a relaxing meal at the Bollywood themed cafe. With plenty of snacks and refreshments on offer along with live shoots in progress, this is the perfect place for you to reminisce and relax after your guided tour.


Take a walking tour alongside the Rehman Wall which contains the hand-made paintings of some the most well-known celebrities and stars of Bollywood. Mr. S. Rehman, who is one of the last practicing film poster painters in Mumbai has created some of the most iconic and evergreen posters for legendary films like Awara ,Mother India, Mughal-E-Azam, Deewar etc. The Rehman Wall will fill you with nostalgia and fond memories of classic Hindi films. It is art in its true form.


Click a Bollywood style selfie or just let the professionals do the job for you at our fascinating studio locations. Dress up as a policeman, a prisoner or a doctor, or even try putting yourself on fake life support. As they say,“It’s just a movie”. Feel like a true star and put on their shoes, literally. You could also get a chance to meet your favourite celebrity and get a picture taken along with them which you can cherish forever.

This is the one place where everything great about Bollywood comes together.


Take a slice of Bollywood home; take home some fascinating lifelong memories by visiting the memorabilia store. With novelty Bollywood memorabilia items on offer, you can take home something that reminds you of your fantastic experiences, something that is just so Bollywood!

Visitors get a chance to see the history of our film production with our photo tour that includes some of the biggest stars of Bollywood like Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan among many others.


Photography is not allowed without prior permission.

Please keep your mobile phones silent during live shoots.

For all queries, bulk bookings and customer service, contact Mr Rizwan at  +91 9967003986