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About SJ Studios

Located in the heart of Mumbai, SJ Studios is one of the main hubs for film and TV production in Bollywood. Housing lavish ready to shoot sets and countless production floors, SJ Studios today is one of Mumbai’s most prolific establishments. It also happens to be the only ISO certified studio in Mumbai.

Watched by over 14 million people on a daily basis, Bollywood caters to India’s huge population and also to a great fan following abroad. If you want to see your favourite movie moments come to life right before your eyes, come to SJ Studios, come and dive deep into the heart of Bollywood.

SJ Studios offers an authentic Bollywood tour to its visitors. Lavish bungalows, real life like hospitals, conference rooms, a police station along with real jail cells are just a few of the many sights on offer at this sprawling establishment. Today, it is one of Mumbai’s major studio premises with over 100,000 Sq feet of area and 14 shooting floors along with empty floors and countless permanent sets and props.


When tired from having all the fun, visitors can relax at the Bollywood Café, a swanky, centrally air conditioned Bollywood themed café with free Wi-Fi connectivity. Guests can witness a live shoot in progress or just sit back, refresh and soak in the fun.

SJ Studios’ 2 hour guided studio tours in English gives visitors the opportunity to see live shoots, explore interesting and unknown facts of Bollywood and get an up close look into how movies are made.

Visitors also get to see a feature short film named ‘Tribute to Bollywood’ along with a VFX presentation where in they are explained about the various post-production techniques used in Bollywood. SJ Studios also houses a mini theatre where visitors are shown how VFX, sound and special effects are created and used while making a movie.

SJ Studios also brings you a slice of Bollywood history at the Bollywood Museum. Original vintage movie posters and memorabilia adorn this gallery of silver screen memories. Get transported back to the time of Technicolor cinema and love stories; watch the history of Bollywood unfold right before your eyes.

Bollywood is incomplete without its music and dance. There is something uniquely magical about the musical numbers, elaborate costumes and well choreographed dance numbers. They charm and engage your senses. Come and enjoy a traditional Bollywood dance performance first hand at SJ Studios.