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No visit to Mumbai is complete without experiencing the Bollywood facet and the feel of actually being inside a premier Studio in action. Visit SJ Studios through one of our many tours and packages and get a glimpse of what it is to be in Maximum City- Mumbai!

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Special Activities

We have a variety of fun and rejuvenating activities for all visitors, like tour of the studios VFX effects room, Bollywood Dance and Café.

Travel Arrangements

We can arrange for reliable pickup and drop services in air-conditioned and safe car services. Just let us know in advance. Charges apply.

Private Guide

Each tour will have an experienced and polite guide who has been in the industry for considerable amount of time. Ask him/her anything.

Full spectrum Studio

SJ Studios caters to nearly all aspects of production and development of a feature film or TV series. We are the only ISO certified studio in Mumbai.


Why Should you visit SJ Studios?

SJ Studios is located at the heart of the bustling city of Mumbai (Bombay), and is one of the premier studios for the full spectrum of production and development. Our visitors get a close-in glimpse and experience of what it is to be on-set during a live shooting (when available), see the VFX special effects production room and even get clicked with the actors.

It is the only ISO2008 certified studio in Mumbai, and we are expanding to include new production houses, studios with special features in them, more realistic setups of prison, hospitals and office areas for shooting. Visit us, and you will definitely have a story to tell back home.

Tour Features

2 hour tours (4 tours per day) within the Studio premises, availability of food and bottled water at our café, and interactions with a sophisticated and informative guide. Tour groups are kept small enough to be comfortable for the visitors.
SJ Studios’ 2 hour guided tours are in English and give visitors the chance to have a complete Bollywood experience. To truly live their Bollywood dreams. A visit to SJ Studios is a must for every true Bollywood fan.

View the inside of

SJ Studios

and see how the Bollywood industry trusts and works with one of the credible names for production houses in Mumbai. We also have tours, pickup drop-off facilities for our visitors, a souvenir section where you can take home a piece of Mumbai’s magic.

We are the best in Business

We have the best Studio tour packages
Best Travel guides available throughout the trip
We also have Souvenirs
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Various other features

Tour Features

Authentic Tours

Our premises host the genuine and accurate tours of a Bollywood set. We make no false or flashy promises, but give true commitment and expectations to the visitors.

Enjoyed by all

Our tours have seen visitors of all age groups, young and old alike. There is something for everybody.

Taste of Mumbai

Our tours give an authentic taste of Mumbai, travel in the city and meeting the people. You could end up meeting the actors as well!

ISO Certified

Our Studio is the only one in the city which is certified by the prestigious ISO2008 certification. That is why our quality remains unsurpassed.